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What is a grinder

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what is a grinder

Although there are slight variations between a grinder and a sub sandwich, the terms used indicate more where you're from then what it is. b. A mechanical device that grinds: a meat grinder. 2. A molar. 3. grinders Informal The teeth. 4. See submarine sandwich. American Heritage® Dictionary of the. At first glance, a grinder might look small, but it packs a powerful punch. This power tool uses a grinding wheel for cutting, sanding, and, of course, grinding. what is a grinder


How To Use a Herb Grinder

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Delivered to your inbox! Use a grinder to cut through tile and concrete. Grinding wheels follow the same principles as sanding pads. The Online Slang Dictionary American, English, and Urban slang. In fact, sometimes buyers even find their local tool store selling items on eBay at discounted prices. The powerful grinders use more watts and voltages than the weaker ones. A cleaned penny or nickel works perfectly for this.

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